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Managing your business on spreadsheets is a risk.

~ Forbes



of spreadsheets include mistakes. All those errors cost businesses billions.

 Reduce your risk in 


ComOpps  is

less spreadsheets

more powerful business intelligence

Real-time sales forecasts

Bar Chart.png

Line-of-site into business performance


Monthly project updates linked to IHS Markit automotive forecast


ComOpps gives me

line-of-sight into relevant

real-time sales and account information I couldn't get from spreadsheets.


Yvette Lapore

Regional Market Segment Manager

Mitsubishi Chemical America

MCPP Division


I'm managing and collaborating on 100's of key programs in ComOpps linked to IHS Automotive forecasts. It's cut my time to create forecasts from weeks to hours.


Tim McCollum

NA Airbag Sales Manager

Mitsubishi Chemical America

MCPP Division


Having one source to access and share technical data in the cloud saves time, ensures accuracy and improves customer support.


Steve Cummings

Technical Service &

Applications Development  Manager

Mitsubishi Chemical America

MCPP Division


Goodbye spreadsheets...

Hello collaboration!


Our experience

working for you

ComOpps combines

30+ years of plastic supplier experience

with leading-edge cloud-based software technology built for Fortune 500 companies to

reduce your reliance on spreadsheets, gain line-of-sight, save time, and improve collaboration.

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