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Managing your sales, service and technical teams is a challenge. You want to collaborate. You want to standardize. You want to grow. But where do you begin? Communication and collaboration can be chaos. Your company’s data & processes are siloed. Your people are busy. They need information now, but you have information everywhere, inaccessible to those who need it.  It’s a scramble, you make it work, but it’s hard work and it takes time. Lots of time. 


But, life can be much simpler. ComOpps is simpler. ComOpps brings everything together – in one place. Your information is secured and accessible from anywhere, anytime, in the cloud -- all within ComOpps.

Time Saved

4x+ ROI

Shorten Budget Creation

Weeks to Hours

Reduce Emails by



Build a Connected Workplace

Your Organization's




Raw Materials


Costs Models



IHS Vehicle Data



Material Formulations

Fully Connected.

Empower Every Employee with

Access to ComOpps Enterprise

With ComOpps you can track sales, manage projects, upload files, manage TDS and costs models for each of your materials, throw ideas around, track your forecasts, and manage everything from one application. 

Discover how Mitsubishi Chemical's plastic

suppliers have succeeded with ComOpps. 

ComOpps for the

Automotive Supply Chain

Connect your IHS Markit vehicle data with your projects to create new insights and improve collaboration within your organization


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Increase Growth Opportunities

Connect your people, projects & products with sales forecasts (IHS Markit) to create new opportunities and a collaborative work environment. 

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Improve Forecasting and Visibility 

Real-time Product Demand, Market Trend and Company Performance forecasting for a wide array of variables in your business.

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Collaborate Throughout the Organization

Collaborate on a wealth of data within or across your companies. 

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Enhance Customer Experience

Connected data and connected intelligence is the only way to deliver connected experiences that will set your business apart.

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Connect & Automate IHS Markit   


Automate the connection of IHS vehicle builds with your projects to give you real-time revenue and volume figures. 

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Get Deep, Data Driven Insights

With ComOpps, forecasting has never been easier. Get deep insights into your customers, products and the markets you operate in. 


Bank grade security is built into every corner of ComOpps' powerful suite of cloud products. From encrypted data to double authentication and a host of industry leading security measures, you can rest assured your data is secure. 

Expertly Built

At ComOpps, we combine decades of experience and knowledge, best practices, and leading edge technology to ensure clear communication and collaboration across your organization. 

Easy to Implement

Our implementation specialists take care of your legacy data migration & on-boarding, training and support to minimize disruption to your organization and maximize user adoption. 




Improve forecasting to more accurately assess inventory demand and evaluate the financial performance of your entire organization.


Connect your projects with third-party sales forecasts (IHS Markit) to get become more efficient and increase visibility - everywhere.



Manage your product data in one centralized system, empowering you with accurate, up-to-date information. 


Get more useful data out of your customers, contacts and projects to help you sell more - better.

Transform Your Business

From industry tailored product & project portfolio management to advanced forecasting & analytics, ComOpps Enterprise enables your sales and service teams to work better - together. 

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Revolutionizing the Materials Industry

Sell more, collaborate, and improve visibility with the leading sales, service and information management cloud application built for the materials' industry.