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7 Signs You Need ComOpps Enterprise


The right business tracking and demand planning system can supercharge your business like nothing else. By intelligently storing and managing project, product and customer information, it can help your teams run more efficiently, improve opportunity volume and visibility into your business. It can win you more customers by boosting your sales team’s ability to easily track existing and create new opportunities. It can help your service team make more customers happy by opening up access to needed information.

Effective sales leaders constantly position teams for success. When changes to market or product conditions like cost of goods or vehicle builds occur, so do future margins. Sales leaders can analyze a projects’ performance to determine which opportunities are profitable and which aren’t. ComOpps also gives sales leaders an inside look into the revenue, volume and gross margin of each of their sales professionals.


Tech Service personnel can quickly search, locate and edit technical information pertaining to projects and products -- from anywhere, anytime.


Product info: properties, pricing and margin, data sheets, associated customers and more.


ADE’s are the life-blood of product development and performance analysis. Their role is dependent on effective and consistent project management. With ComOpps ADE’s can quickly and easily add, and track their project’s progress from the early concept stage through launch. By connecting their projects to sales forecasts they can gain visibility beyond the technology and see their contribution to the bottomline.




Leaders need deep insights to make better decisions. ComOpps gives you real-time forecasting into the revenue, volume and gross margin of your: business unit(s), teams, personnel, products, customers, and more. What’s more, ComOpps gives you the ability to run market trend analysis' to determine which industries and regions your business is over- and under-exposed.



HR is a huge beneficiary of the ComOpps cloud system. HR can set, track and manage any user's revenue and volume goals with precise accuracy. 



When purchasers input and manage cost of goods sold in ComOpps, sales, engineering and others have real-time access to changes in project analytics.

Customer Service

Gone are the days of calling several people to find project, product, and customer information. ComOpps’ makes it easy to search and find what you need, instantly. A recent survey of ComOpps users showed a decrease of 1.75 emails per request for data – imagine how much time and energy you save each day by having an easily accessible location for your information.


Managing changes in market conditions empowers R&D personnel to identify and focus on high growth areas for new potential products. Analyze the growth rates of market segments and applications to determine new markets and products to pursue.