Business Management in the Cloud. 

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System Benefits


Key Features

Secure Admin module to quickly and easily manage user access and permissions

Advanced user permissions for global cross-team and cross-business unit collaboration

Collaborate from any device - laptop, tablet, mobile anytime, anywhere 

Mobile app

Integrated chat feature

Support and Training

Secure Admin module to quickly and easily manage user access and permissions

Server hosting and maintenance

Application upgrades and updated features

Email, phone support

On-going training

Project Portfolio Management

Easily search and view project info from any device anywhere, anytime

Quickly add and edit projects

Unlimited Projects

Projects linked to real-time market forecasts are automatically updated​

Manage tasks and project progress​

Connect materials, applications, customers, & files to projects

Multiple market segments (Industries)​

Collaborate with other teams and business units on new project opportunities​

Multiple materials per application

Create your own forecasts tables

Product Portfolio Management

Easily search and view material info from any device anywhere, anytime​

Unlimited Materials and Grades

Compare materials​

Manage and update raw materials costs*​

Cross-team & company sharing of, and collaborating on material information

Add and edit material properties and data sheets in real-time​

Analyze Gross Margin/Revenue/Volume* and Historical pricing per Material

Track and run financial metrics on materials sold per customer & application

File Cloud

Easily search and view files info from any device anywhere, anytime​​

File storage - 500GB**​​

Unlimited file upload size​​

Assign user permissions to folders and files​​

Take pictures and videos and upload them via the mobile app

Easily upload, organize, view and access your files anywhere, anytime

Securely, quickly and easily share files inside and outside the organization

Forecast Cloud

My Revenue / Volume / Gross Margin

Run Market Trend Analysis 

Determine regional growth trends by vehicle builds 

Determine market segment growth trends ​

Accurately Forecast material demand by Month/QTR/Year​

Set & track Revenue / Volume / Gross Margin goals for your personnel, teams & organization


Forecast and Compare Revenue / Volume / Gross Margin per:



      Internal personnel & Team 










Project Database
Connect Materials to Projects
Link Files to Projects
Integrate Market Forecasts
View Application Data Instantly
Mobile App
View Projects from Anywhere
Dedicated Server
Material Database
View Material Properties
Raw Material Management
Revenue, Volume and Gross Margin
View Customers per Material
View Projects per Material
Share Materials Across Companies
Online Banking Level Security
File Database
Permission Based Access
Mobile App
View / Add Files from Anywhere
150GB Storage
Dedicated Server
Online Banking Level Security
Share Files Outside the Company
Material Demand Forecast
Market and Region Trends
Personnel & Team Performance
Analyze Revenue & Volume 
Analyze Gross Margin
Analyze Customer Performance
Analyze Material Performance
Analyze Company Performance