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Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers (MCPP) shorted budget cycle by 79%, reduced email overload, and realized over 7x ROI in time saved.  


Reached New Levels of Efficiency 

Reduced Budget Creation Cycle up to 79%

MCPP reduced their budget creation cycle from over two weeks to under a day with ComOpps' powerful forecasting and application tracking tools. 

Limited Clutter. Improve Communication.

Reduced Email Requests for Data

MCPP streamlined communication and reduced nearly 75% of emails requesting project and material information.

Automating processes and centralizing their data saved time and and improved efficiency. 

Saved Time and Improved Collaboration

Realized More Than 7x ROI

A survey of MCPP users revealed significant time-savings for ComOpps users relative to their previous work flow. This survey looked closely into the querying of project information and third-party databases and the creation of specific budgeting and graphical reporting. In aggregate, the survey results showed an annual ROI of 4x to up to 9x depending on the user's job responsibility and compensation. 

Standardized and Centralized Process and Data

Automated the Integration Between IHS Vehicle Data and their Projects

MCPP saved hundreds of man hours and improve data integrity by linking IHS Vehicle data with their projects. 

Improve Operational Excellence