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Demand, Trend & Performance Forecasting




Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting is the process of predicting your customers’ future demand for your products.


​Having an accurate product demand forecast is key to lowering carrying costs and improving  decision making. With ComOpps, you can determine your forecasted volume demand per product by month, QTR and year to decrease inventory costs. 


Trend Forecasting

ComOpps' trend forecasting helps you analyze past and future trends to make better decisions. 

Quickly run regional and industry growth trends to determine where to allocate R&D, engineering and sales spend. Run market trend analysis' to determine where markets are emerging and where they are declining. Analyze your market penetration and growth opportunities with ease.

Product, Employee, Customer and Company

Performance Forecasting

ComOpps' performance forecasting helps you track the financial performance of your products, people and customers.


Set revenue, volume and gross margin goals and track progress in real-time. Significantly shorten your budget-creation cycle while providing a more accurate picture of future revenue and volume. 


User Roles 

From sales to leadership, tech service and engineering, ComOpps' forecasting capabilities give you the visibility you need to make informed decisions and stand out from the crowd.