Business Management in the Cloud. 

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Easily Access & Manage All Your Products' Info


Collaborate within and Across Business Units

Share Product Data Across Teams and Business Units

Share your product information across the organization to give you more exposure to increase growth opportunities. 

Manage Revenue, Volume and Gross Margin

Track the Performance of Your Products 

Determine and compare the profitability of each of your products. Run if/then scenarios. Manage your Cost of Good Sold (COGS) to get gross margin insights.


Highly Integrated

Integrate Your Products with Your Projects

Integrating your products with your projects gives you huge advantages in real-time forecasting, and information accuracy & availability. ComOpps enables users to view product (material) information anywhere, anytime -- from any device. 

User Roles 

From sales to leadership, service and engineering, ComOpps' product portfolio management capabilities give you a single application to view, manage and share product information and analytics.