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A New Standard 

of Efficiency.

Create & Track Opportunities


End-to-End Sales and Service

Manage Your Projects from Lead to Shipment in One Application 

Bring your people and data together.

Centralize and connect your projects and third-party datasets (IHS Markit) to improve company collaboration, increase time-savings, limit data errors, reduce email requests for data, and increase visibility within the organization.

Connected Data

Improve Collaboration

Collaboration is at the core of ComOpps.


Designed to help you share information within and between business units, ComOpps helps you create a network effect among your companies and teams. With ComOpps, project and product data are shared on a centralized application -- eliminating email requests for data.

End-to-End Sales and Service

Integrate Sales Forecasts

Connect third party sales forecasts (IHS Markit) with your projects.  

ComOpps automatically updates third-party sales forecasts giving you real-time financial performance indicators for your business. 


User Roles 

From sales to leadership, tech service and engineering, ComOpps' project management capabilities promote collaboration and standardize your project management process.